Turfgrass – Zoysiagrass

(Zoysia japonica)

Zoysiagrass is a warm season turfgrass that can be relatively slow to establish. It has a high tolerance to shade, cold temperatures, high traffic, drought-like conditions, and is relatively tolerant to salinity. Of the species of Zoysiagrass commonly used in lawns, Zoysia matrella has a finer texture but is used less frequently than Zoysia japonica.

Identifying Zoysiagrass -

Zoysiagrass features leaves that are rolled into the bud and the ligules consist of a fringe of hairs. The collars are medium in size and covered with long hairs.

Zoysiagrass has neither auricles nor sheaths, which is probably its most identifiable feature. The leaf blades are short and sharply pointed.

Seedheads are in the form of a weak spike, with spikelets alternating on two sides. The spikelets are blunt at the base, rounding and tapering to a point at the tip.

Common Lawn Problems with Zoysiagrass-

  • Grows slow compared to other turfgrasses
  • Does not compete well with Bermudagrass

Characteristics of Zoysiagrass

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