Broadleaf Weed – Yellow Hawkweed

(Hieracium pratense)

Also known as Hieracium caespitosum, Yellow King-devil, Field Hawkweed and Meadow Hawkweed, Yellow Hawkweed is a perennial broadleaf weed. This weed grows best in moist grasslands and can also be found along roadside and growing in other areas with low maintenance turf. Yellow Hawkweed grows horizontally and in bunches, often overlapping and smothering less aggressive turfgrasses.

Identifying Yellow Hawkweed -

Although Yellow Hawkweed typically grows in bunches, this broadleaf perennial can also grow alone as a basal rosette. Its leaf blades are covered with long hairs, both above and below the rosette. Yellow Hawkweed features hairy stolons rooting at the nodes and these eventually lead to the development of new rosettes. This weed’s midvein is generally white and broadest at its base. Yellow Hawkweed features bright, yellow flowers that grow on nearly leafless flower stalks.

Yellow Hawkweed Weed Control -

Yellow Hawkweed reproduces by seed, rhizomes and stolon, making this a difficult weed to control through manual removal. The weed’s stolons may break, resulting in the weed spreading to additional areas of your lawn and landscaping. Improper control methods can quickly turn one or two Yellow Hawkweed plants into a thriving patch.

Yellow Hawkweed

Scotts LawnService recommends selective systemic weed control program to fight Yellow Hawkweed in your lawn and landscaping, which ensures the herbicide is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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