Grassy Weed – Yellow Foxtail

(Setaria glauca)

Yellow Foxtail – also sometimes referred to as Summer-grass or Golden Foxtail – is an annual grassy weed. Preferring fertile soils, Setaria glauca is often found in croplands, nurseries, and turfgrass – especially lawn areas. Yellow Foxtail thrives throughout much of North America.

Identifying Yellow Foxtail -

Yellow Foxtail can be identified as a coarse, tufted annual. It features a continuous, narrow collar and compressed sheaths that are tinged with red near the base and include a prominent mid-vein. Its flat blades often spiral upward and are hairy on the upper surface (near the ligule).

It can most easily be identified by its seedhead, which is a bristly panicle reaching up to six inches in length. These bristles turn yellow to gold at maturity, hence the names Golden or Yellow Foxtail.

Yellow Foxtail Control -

Because of its preference for nutrient rich, high-fertility soils, Yellow Foxtail is a frequent invader of lawns and landscaping. While some cultural weed control methods (including lower lawn mowing heights) can occasionally discourage this weed, professional weed control treatments are the only way to ensure removal without damaging desired turfgrass species in your lawn.

Yellow Foxtail

Existing Yellow Foxtail can be controlled by a selective post emergent weed controls. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent control treatments to fight Yellow Foxtail in your lawn and landscaping.

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