Grassy Weed – Wild Barley

(Hordeum leporinum)

Wild Barley – also referred to as Hare Barley – is an annual grassy weed. Preferring moist, disturbed areas, Hordeum leporinum can often be found growing in grasslands, crop fields, orchards, vineyards, roadsides, landscaped areas, turf areas, and lawns. Wild Barley can be found throughout much of the eastern and western United States.

Identifying Wild Barley -

Wild Barley can be identified as a short, blue-green annual grassy weed growing in clumps. Its ligule is short and its collar is divided by the mid-vein. Wild Barley has compressed sheaths and narrow blades that are long, tapered and rough to the touch.

Wild Barley features a seedhead that can range from yellow-green to purple in color and terminates into a nodding, bushy spike.

Wild Barley Control -

Wild Barley is a frequent invader of landscaped areas, including lawns, especially newly seeded areas. It can be difficult to manage with cultural weed control methods alone. Professionally applied herbicides are recommended.

Wild Barley

Existing Wild Barley can be controlled by a non-selective herbicide, such as RoundUp®. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent weed treatments to fight Wild Barley in your lawn and landscaping.

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