Broadleaf Weed – White Clover

(Trifolium repens)

Commonly known as Dutch clover, Honeysuckle clover, White Trefoil and Purplewort, White Clover is a winter perennial broadleaf weed. This weed grows best in moist soils that are low in nitrogen levels, although it can adapt to grow in many different soils. There was a time when White Clover was often used when establishing turf for lawns and landscaping and the weed is still included in some of the cheaper mixtures today. Scotts LawnService does NOT include White Clover seed in its turf building mixes.

Identifying White Clover -

White Clover forms shallow roots from its stolons at nodes along the stems. The white clover features leaves that are dark green with 3 leaflets, veins running parallel and a white, crescent-shaped mark on each leaflet. The weed features large hairy petioles and has no stalk on the middle leaflet.

Its flowers are white, round groupings of smaller individual flowers and some appear to have a pinkish cast. White clover can flower from mid-May on through the end of September and the flowers can attract bees in search of food.

White Clover Weed Control -

White Clover can be a rather difficult weed to control via physical removal (i.e. weed pulling). This may result in the seeds spreading to additional areas of your lawn and landscaping. Close mowing practices have been known to discourage White Clover, however also adds the risk of scalping your lawn.

Scotts LawnService recommends selective systemic weed control program to fight White Clover in your lawn and landscaping, which ensures the weed control is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

Scotts LawnService is the trusted industry leader for professional quality lawn care. Our exclusive lawn care products include premium grass seeds and professional-grade fertilizers; our lawn service teams consist of highly trained, industry-certified professionals. Contact a representative today for White Clover control options available in your area and to learn how you can enjoy a lush, thicker lawn that only Scotts LawnService can deliver.