Benefits of a Great Lawn – Water Conservation and Erosion Control

Did you know that having a healthy, green lawn can help you protect the environment, keeping things “green?” That’s because a lush, healthy lawn can actually play a role in water conservation. The biology of turfgrass soils make lawns an ideal medium for purifying the water as it travels through the root zone and down into underground aquifers. Soil microbes also help break down chemicals, including turf pesticides, into harmless materials. This increases the amount of drinkable water available in the area’s aquifers, conserving water usage overall.

Another way a healthy lawn contributes to water conservation is by reducing runoff caused by erosion. Water and chemicals infiltrate into the root zone more quickly on dense turf than on other surfaces, so runoff is diminished. A thick healthy lawn reduces runoff to near zero and cleans the water as it passes through the root zone.

Healthy lawns reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the soil surface, reducing evaporation and water loss, resulting in the lawn using the water in the soil more efficiently. This can reduce the frequency and amount of irrigation water needed to maintain your lawn.

Your Lawns and Water Conservation – Facts:

  • Raindrops, wind and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on unprotected soil
  • Without the protective leaves and roots of turfgrass, soil particles and nutrients mix with water and are carried away
  • The leaves and stems of grass plants help control erosion and runoff by interfering with the water as it flows across the ground, slowing the velocity and allowing the water to infiltrate the soil
  • Grass buffer zones are used in many areas to promote water conservation, protecting waterways and reduce erosion
  • Reduced erosion and runoff allows more water to fill aquifers, conserving water for homes and businesses

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