Benefits of a Great Lawn – Fighting the Urban Heat Effect

One of the greatest benefits of a great lawn is that it helps to keep things cool. Grass has a cooling effect on the environment that allows people to use less energy to cool their houses and offices. This is due in part to the ability of plants - including grass - to counter the effects of the urban heat effect.

The urban heat effect is the result of non-organic materials, such as concrete, steel and asphalt absorbing and holding heat overnight. Turfgrass, on the other hand, acts as an evaporative cooler, controlling the air temperature in the surrounding area. After just one evening of sweltering summer heat, areas filled with concrete and asphalt will have surface temperatures over 100°F. However, a grassy area nearby will see surface temperatures remain around 75°F.

The urban heating effect is why temperatures are often considerably higher in cities and metropolitan areas than they are in more rural areas. However, even grassy areas in a densely urban environment will experience some relief from the heat.

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