Types of Turfgrass for Lawns and Landscaping

Your lawn is always on display. It’s the first and last impression you make on visitors. And it’s the one part of your home that people see, feel and touch every day. A thick, lush and beautiful lawn will always make a great impression – but getting one doesn’t have to be difficult.

Lawns are a key component to a home landscape as a whole. A beautiful, well-maintained lawn can enhance a home’s appearance, and potentially its value, as well as provide environmental benefits.

In order to reduce the amount of maintenance necessary for a lawn to look its best, selecting the proper turfgrass is essential. There are many different factors that are included in the decision making process, ranging from climate type to the intended use of your lawn.

Common Types of Turfgrass -

Picking the Right Types of Turfgrass for your Lawn

Selecting the correct turfgrass is critical to growing and sustaining a healthy lawn. And you don’t have to limit your selection to one species of turfgrass. In fact, many grass seed mixtures contain multiple different types of turfgrass. This allows a lawn to take advantage of the different benefits of each species. Just consider a few of the following factors that will help determine which types of turfgrass are best for your lawn:


How much sunlight does your lawn receive?
Is there a difference between the front and back yard?
Is there morning or afternoon shade?

Soil Condition

What is the soil in your lawn like?
Is it clay or sand?
Is it fertile?
What is the soil pH?

Watering Methods–

Is there an irrigation system in your yard?
If not, how often will you be able to water?
Are watering restrictions common?
Does this area experience drought conditions frequently?

Lawn Use –

Is your lawn used for recreation?
Are there children or a dog?

All of these factors can have a large impact on the health and longevity of your lawn. So how do you decide which turfgrass is best for your yard? Contact Scotts LawnService.

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