Grassy Weed – Tropical Crabgrass

(Digitaria bicornis)

Tropical Crabgrass – also known as Asian Crabgrass – is a summer annual grassy weed. Preferring open, disturbed habitats, Digitaria bicornis is a frequently competes with other turfgrass species. In the United States, Tropical Crabgrass can be found in the southeastern and gulf coast states.

Identifying Tropical Crabgrass -

Tropical Crabgrass can be identified as a summer annual, bending and rooting at the nodes. Its blades are usually greater than 2” long and it also features a visible, membranous ligule at the base of its leaf blades. Tropical Crabgrass produces seed during midsummer until the first frost. The seed lays dormant over the winter and germinates the follow spring.

Tropical Crabgrass differs from large and southern crabgrass in that its seedhead branches all join the stem at the same point.

Tropical Crabgrass Control -

Tropical Crabgrass often creates problems interfering with other, desirable species of turfgrass. Because of its growth habits and speed of reproduction, cultural weed control methods are largely ineffective. Professionally applied weed controls are recommended for removal.

Tropical Crabgrass

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