Lawn Insect - Tawny Mole Cricket

(Scapteriscus vicinus)

The Tawny Mole Cricket, also known as Scapteriscus vicinus, is a turf damaging insect that is primarily found in the southern coastal states. Damage caused by the Tawny Mole Cricket usually occurs in late summer and early fall.

Identifying Tawny Mole Cricket -

Tawny Mole Cricket adults are a light tawny brown in color. The claws on its forelegs are the main identifying feature. They are closer together and produce more of a V-shape when compared to the Southern Mole Cricket. The Tawny Mole Cricket also features a dark stripe running down the center of the pronotum. Finally, males have a darker rasp at the forewing base than females.

This species prefers to feed on plant roots but has been known to eat other small insects can also be cannibalistic. It prefers to live in Bahiagrass, but will cause damage to other turfgrass species.

Tawny Mole Cricket Control-

For control of the Tawny Mole Cricket in your lawn, see Mole Cricket control.

Lawn Insect - Tawny Mole Cricket

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