Lawn Insects - Sugar Cane Grub

(Tomarus subtropicus)

The Sugar Cane Beetle, also known as Tomarus subtropicus, is a turf damaging insect that primarily feeds on sugar cane, but can also cause damage in turfgrass. This insect is found in any areas where sugar cane is grown, mainly along the Gulf Coast. Lawn damage caused by this grub will typically occur from September through November.

Identifying Sugar Cane Grub -

In its adult form, Sugar Cane Beetle is shiny black in color with several indentations over its body. It also features several claw-like structures covering each of the legs. Some adult specimens have been found with hairs growing on the underside and along the sides.

The Sugar Cane Beetle is very large when compared to the other grub species reaching. They are nearly twice the size of the Green June Beetle grubs.

Both the adults and the grubs will feed on sugarcane but only the grubs will cause damage to turfgrass. This pest can be a problem anywhere that sugarcane is grown and especially along the coastal regions of the United States.

Sugar Cane Grub Control -

For control of the Sugar Cane Beetle larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

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Lawn Insect - Sugar Cane Grub