Grassy Weed – Stinkgrass

(Eragrostis cilianensis)

Stinkgrass is an annual grassy weed. Eragrostis cilianensis often occurs in croplands, pastures and hayfields, as well as in non-crop areas, including lawns and landscaped areas. Stinkgrass can be found throughout much of North America.

Identifying Stinkgrass -

Stinkgrass can be identified as a slender, tufted annual weed. It features a continuous, narrow collar with long hairs at the edges. The sheaths are slightly compressed and the blades are tapered - dull on the top and glossy on the bottom. Additionally, the nodes feature a ring of glands below the blades and the seedhead forms a spreading, gray-green panicle.

This grassy weed emits a disagreeable odor when its leaves are bruised or cut, hence the name “Stinkgrass.”

Stinkgrass Control -

A common weed in lawns in the Mid-Western United States, Stinkgrass can raise certain issues when it comes to management and weed control. Cultural practices can be effective in preventing Stinkgrass, however, professional weed control treatments should be considered for removal.


Existing Wild Barley can be controlled by a non-selective herbicide, such as RoundUp®. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent weed treatments to fight Stinkgrass in your lawn.

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