Turfgrass – St. Augustine Grass

(Sorghum halepense)

St. Augustine Grass is a warm-season turfgrass that provides a rather coarse, spongy turf. Growing quickly in the summer months and then slowing down in the spring and fall, St. Augustine grass is the most shade tolerant of the warm-season grasses. It is typically not recommended for high traffic areas and is often used for more decorative lawns and other general purpose turf. In the United States, St. Augustine grass can be found in southeastern states.

Identifying St. Augustine Grass -

St. Augustine grass features leaves that are rolled at the bud and the ligules consist of a short fringe of hairs. The collars are broad, smooth, and very constricted and the auricles are absent.

The leaf blades are probably the most identifiable feature. Smooth, very short, and at least 1/4 inch wide, leaf blades have a boat-shaped tip and take a 90 degree angle from the sheath at the collar.

Seedheads form a thick spike with a few thick, elliptical spikelets imbedded along the sides.

Common Lawn Problems with St. Augustine Grass -

  • Does not tolerate cold weather well
  • Can become weedy or invasive

St. Augustinegrass

Characteristics of St. Augustine Grass

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