Grassy Weed – Star of Bethlehem

(Ipheion uniflorum)

Star of Bethlehem – also sometimes referred to as Spring Starflower – is a perennial grassy weed. Preferring disturbed areas, Ipheion uniflorum is often found in landscapes, pastures, hayfields, and turf areas (including lawns). Star of Bethlehem’s range includes the southeastern United States, as well as parts of California and Oregon.

Identifying Star of Bethlehem -

Star of Bethlehem can be identified as a perennial grassy weed. Its leaves are flat, linear and somewhat fleshy and the plant emits an onion-like odor when crushed.

Flowering in early spring, Star of Bethlehem can be most easily identified by a solitary fragrant flower that is white to lavender in color. The seeds are not visible and reproduction is primarily by tubers. All parts of the plant are poisonous.

Star of Bethlehem Control -

Because Star of Bethlehem grows from bulbs that are reproduced each year, physical removal of the bulbs will get rid of the plant over time.

Star Of Bethlehem

Scotts LawnService recommends cultural weed control practices to reduce Star of Bethlehem in your lawn. This is due to the lack of weed control product options to kill this weed. This makes cultural control practices the best option. However, some selective weed controls can help suppress existing populations in turfgrass areas.

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