Broadleaf Weed – Spring Beauty

(Claytonia virginica)

Spring Beauty, or sometimes “Virginia Spring Beauty” is a perennial herb. Claytonia virginica is often found growing in dry, open areas, including lawns, woods, glades, and prairies. Spring Beauty can be found throughout much of the eastern United States – as far northwest as Minnesota and as far southwest as Texas.

Identifying Spring Beauty -

Spring Beauty or Virginia Spring Beauty can be identified as a small grassy like perennial herb originating from corms. Its stems are delicate and typically grow to around 30cm tall. It’s opposite growing leaves are fleshy and resemble thick bunches of grass.

Blooming from February through May, Virginia Spring Beauty is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring. Its flowers are distinctive and attractive, featuring five pink to white petals striped with darker pink and purple colors. The flowers also have a sweet scent.

Spring Beauty Control -

Although Spring Beauty produces attractive flowers, the herb can sprout in unwanted places – such as lawns and turfgrass areas. Professionally selected and applied herbicides are usually the best option for removing this weed from your lawn and landscaping.

Spring Beauty

Scotts LawnService uses a selective systemic weed control program to fight Spring Beauty in your lawn, which ensures the herbicide is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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