Soil Basics – Topsoil, Lawn Soil, and Your Yard

In lawn care, it is easy to think about what’s going on above the surface. After all, the appearance of a lush, full lawn above the surface is why we work for hours in the yard. Plus, most lawn care activities have a visual impact on the parts of the turfgrass plant that are above ground:

  • Mowing
  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Other basic treatments

But the life under the surface of your lawn is just as important to the heath of your turf.

How Soil Helps a Lawn –

All turfgrasses receive moisture and nutrients from the soil. Therefore, one of the keys to a healthy lawn is having good soil.

A good soil is responsible for many things like:

  • Improving drought tolerance
  • Deeper root systems
  • Improved water retention
  • Better use of fertilizer applications
  • Improved nutrient storage and release
  • Improved disease and insect tolerance
  • Healthy turf is less susceptible to lawn insect and lawn disease pressure
  • Healthy and abundant soil microorganisms and earthworms

In order to reduce the amount of maintenance necessary for a lawn to look its best, selecting the proper turfgrass is essential. There are many different factors that are included in the decision making process, ranging from climate type to the intended use of your lawn.

Topsoil Basics

Topsoil is the layer of water, minerals, air and organic materials starting from the surface and going down to about 10 inches deep. This part of the soil is the most fertile, containing the highest amount of organic matter, or humus. This is also where turfgrass plants gain most of the nutrients for growth and development.

However, even the best soils do not supply the level of nutrients that your home lawn needs to thrive. Regular Scotts LawnService fertilizer applications will supplement your lawn with the right balance of nutrients your lawn needs to thrive.

All of these factors can have a large impact on the health and longevity of your lawn. So how do you decide which turfgrass is best for your yard? Contact Scotts LawnService.

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