Grassy Weed – Smooth Crabgrass

(Digitaria ischaemum)

Smooth Crabgrass also referred to as Small Crabgrass – is a summer annual grass with a horizontal growth habit that is often weedy. Digitaria ischaemum is most often a grassy weed of lawns and other landscaping where it invades the desirable turfgrass. Smooth Crabgrass can be found throughout most of North America.

Identifying Smooth Crabgrass -

Smooth Crabgrass can be identified as a low growing annual that lies low in turf and roots at the lower nodes. Its ligule is tall and rounded, while its collar is broad and sparsely hairy. It has sheaths that are compressed, smooth, and generally tinged purple in color. The blades are sparsely hairy near the ligule, sharp and pointed.

Smooth Crabgrass spreads by seeds in bunch formations and has a light yellowish-green appearance.

Smooth Crabgrass Control -

Smooth Crabgrass can be extremely difficult to manage using cultural methods. Its horizontal growth habit allows it to escape most conventional mowing heights – although higher lawn mowing heights can allow for a more competitive lawn. Of course, higher mowing heights are not always aesthetically desirable in lawns and landscaping.

Turfgrass - Smooth Crabgrass

Selective post-emergent weed control treatments are recommended to fight Smooth Crabgrass in your lawn. A systemic weed control program ensures that the control product is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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