Lawn Disease – Slimemold

(Mucilago spp.)

Slimemold is a non-parasitic lawn disease caused by the fungus Mucilago spp. Slime Mold affects all species of warm and cool season turfgrass and can be found in all parts of the continental U.S. Damage can usually be seen from late spring through early fall.

Identifying Slimemold -

Signs of Slime Mold in your lawn include large numbers of pinhead-sized fruiting bodies appearing on the grass leaf blades and stems. These fruiting bodies often appear white, gray or purplish-brown. The affected turfgrass usually does not turn yellow and the fruiting bodies normally disappear within a few weeks. Due to shading of the leaf blades resulting from Slime Mold, some yellowing may occur but the turfgrass will eventually recover.

Slime Mold is not parasitic and control measures are usually not necessary, as it is typically more unsightly than it is harmful. The fungus may appear in the same area year after year.

Conditions for Slimemold Infection -

Slime Mold can only lead to an infection in your lawn if all of the following conditions are present:

1. Pathogen – Slime Mold (Mucilago spp.)

2. Host – All species of warm and cool season turfgrass

3. Environment – Cool, humid weather for spread of the Slime Mold pathogen; warmer, humid weather for development of the lawn disease

Slimemold Control -

Cultural disease control practices create favorable conditions for a healthy lawn, and often create unfavorable conditions for the growth of Slime Mold. Environmental conditions cannot be changed, but cultural practices performed by the homeowner can be modified to lessen the chance of extensive damage from Slime Mold. Scotts LawnService can help determine a plan for preventing and controlling Slime Mold in your lawn.

For Slime Mold control and treatment, Scotts recommends the following cultural control tips:

  • Remove unsightly mold spores with a stream of water or mechanically (brush, rake, etc.)
  • Avoid high nitrogen applications when the disease is active
  • Reduce the amount of thatch with core aeration
  • Frequent mowing can also remove spores if the grass leaf blades are growing rapidly enough

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