Grassy Weed – Signalgrass

(Brachiaria plantaginea)

Signalgrass – also referred to as Alexandergrass – is a summer annual grassy weed. Preferring disturbed areas, Brachiaria plantaginea can often be found growing in turf areas, including lawns. Signalgrass can be found in most parts of the southeastern United States.

Identifying Signalgrass -

Signalgrass can be identified as a summer annual with a horizontal and creeping growth habit. It features smooth stems, rooting at the nodes and leaf blades that are typically smooth, flat and wide. Its leaf sheath often includes hairs on margin.

It also features seedhead branches that spread like “signal flags” with seeds on underside, hence the name “Signalgrass.”

Signalgrass Control -

Its short, broad leaves and low growth habit make Signalgrass easy to distinguish from other grasses or grassy weeds. However, these same features make Signalgrass difficult to control when it is present in your lawn and landscaping. Cultural control methods, including physical removal and good lawn mowing practices, are largely ineffective.


Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent weed treatments to fight Signalgrass in your lawn and landscaping.

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