Turfgrass – Seashore Paspalum

(Paspalum vaginatum)

Seashore Paspalum is a warm season turfgrass that forms a dense sod and makes an attractive lawn when mowed short. It is very salt tolerant with desirable turfgrass characteristics and is used in areas where either the soil or irrigation water has a high salt content. It is most commonly found on lawns, golf courses and other turf areas in southeastern states – particularly near coastal areas.

Identifying Seashore Paspalum -

Seashore paspalum features ligules that are 1-2 mm in length and stems that are vertically growing and smooth at the node.

The sheaths are smooth and overlapping and the blades are mostly smooth, with a sparse amount of long hairs located on the top surface close to the base. The blades range in widths of 3-8 mm and may be flat or folded inward length wise.

Seadhead – or racemes – usually form in groups of 2-3 with smooth, solitary spikelets that are elliptical to ovate-lanceolate in shape.

Common Lawn Problems with Seashore Paspalum -

  • Excessive nitrogen applications will cause scalping

Characteristics of Seashore Paspalum

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