Grassy Weed – Saltgrass

(Distichlis stricta)

Saltgrass – also referred to as Inland Saltgrass, Seashore Saltgrass, Spike Grass, and Alkali Grass – is a perennial grass that can become weedy. Distichlis stricta can often be found growing in saline areas, brackish marshes, salt flats, and sometimes in lawns and landscaping. Saltgrass can be found in most parts of the continental U.S. and thrives along the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.

Identifying Saltgrass -

Saltgrass can be identified as a low growing, wiry, tough perennial that forms dense sod. Its ligule is short in the center, though very long on the edges, and its collar is broad with very long hairs. Saltgrass sheaths are compressed and flattened. Its stiff, vertical blades are short, sharply pointed, and either flat or folded.

Saltgrass is unique in that male and female plants generally grow in separate patches.

Saltgrass Control -

Saltgrass is invasive in situations and is difficult to manage relying on cultural weed control methods. Professionally selected weed control should be used for removal.


Scotts LawnService recommends cultural weed control practices to reduce Saltgrass in your lawn and landscaping. This is due to the limited number of selective weed control product options to kill this weed. However, this weed can be controlled with non-selective weed controls such as Round-Up®, which will kill this weed and surrounding turfgrass. Re-seeding may be necessary to repair treated areas where Round-Up is used.

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