Grassy Weed – Rescuegrass

(Bromus catharticus)

Rescuegrass – also referred to as Rescue Brome – is a short-lived perennial grassy weed. Bromus catharticus is often found in pastures, sports fields (golf courses) prairies, fields, roadsides, waste areas, lawns and turfgrasses. Rescuegrass can be found growing throughout much of the continental U.S.

Identifying Rescuegrass -

Rescuegrass can be identified as a perennial grassy weed. Its ligule is tall and rounded with hairs on the back. Its sheaths are strongly compressed and closed, forming a tube around the stem. Rescuegrass also features a broad collar and flat, sparsely hairy blades.

Rescuegrass thrives in all southern states in North America during the winter and then disappears during hot, summer weather. This growth habit allows it to provide forage for animals and livestock following severe winters or drought conditions, hence the name Rescuegrass.

Rescuegrass Control -

Rescuegrass is able to survive in a variety of different habitats and can tolerate cold temperatures and drought conditions. These characteristics make it difficult to manage using cultural weed control methods – especially in colder climates. Professionally selected and applied herbicides should be used for removal.

Rescue Grass

Existing Rescuegrass can be controlled by a selective post emergent weed controls. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent control treatments to fight Rescuegrass in your lawn and landscaping.

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