Broadleaf Weed Types – Purslane Speedwell

Purselan Speedwell

(Veronica peregrina)

Purslane Speedwell, also known as Neckweed, is a winter annual broadleaf weed. Preferring moist soils, Veronica peregrina can be found in lawns and along roadsides and railroads. Purslane Speedwell thrives in much of North America.

Identifying Purslane Speedwell -

Purslane Speedwell is a winter annual with vertically growing branched stems radiating from thebase of the plant. Lower leaves on non-flowering parts ofthe plant are opposite, petiolated, andhairless. The upper leaves are alternate and are much smaller than lower leaves, with have fewer teeth. Purslane Speedwell also has a fibrous root system.

Blooming from April through August, Purslane Speedwell produces tiny white flowers with four petals. Reproduction is by seed.

Purslane Speedwell Control -

Purslane Speedwell can grow in turfgrass and can be difficult and time consuming to remove by hand. Other cultural weed control methods – including good lawn watering and mowing habits – are most effective when used in conjunction with professionally applied herbicides.

Scotts LawnService uses a selective systemic weed control program to fight Purselane Speedwell in your lawn, which ensures the herbicide is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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