Lawn Disease – Pink Snow Mold

(Microdochium nivale)

Pink Snow Mold – also known as Fusarium Patch – is a lawn disease that develops under snow cover in colder climates. Pink Snow Mold affects most cool season turfgrasses in the northern United States.      

Identifying Pink Snow Mold -

A common indicator that Pink Snow Mold is present in a lawn or landscaped area is water soaked patches that are yellow, tan, or salmon in color. These patches can be 1 to 8 inches in diameter and are pale pink around the edges. Spores are produced in white or salmon-colored reproductive structures and are found on dead tissue.

This disease is also called Microdochium Patch in the absence of snow cover.

Conditions for Pink Snow Mold Infection -

Pink Snow Mold can only lead to an infection in your lawn if all of the following conditions are present:

1. Pathogen – Pink Snow Mold (Microdochium nivale)

2. Host – Most cool season turfgrasses

3. Environment – Unfrozen soils in cold, wet climates in temperatures less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit

Pink Snow Mold Control -

Cultural disease control practices create favorable conditions for a healthy lawn, and often create unfavorable conditions for the growth of Pink Snow Mold. Environmental conditions cannot be changed, but cultural practices performed by the homeowner can be modified to lessen the chance of extensive damage from Pink Snow Mold. Scotts LawnService can help determine a plan for preventing and controlling Pink Snow Mold in your lawn.

For Pink Snow Mold control and treatment, Scotts LawnService recommends the following cultural control tips:

  • Regularly mow turf until it turf goes dormant, with the final mowing slightly lower than normal
  • Avoid heavy applications of fertilizers with water-soluble nitrogen in late fall, prior to dormancy
  • Apply high levels of potash and maintain a balanced fertility program
  • Reduce thatch with core aeration
  • Rake affected areas in the spring to reduce the amount of matting

Scotts LawnService has professional products that can prevent and control lawn diseases when cultural control practices are not effective.

Scotts LawnService is the trusted industry leader for professional quality lawn care. Our exclusive lawn care products include premium grass seeds and professional-grade fertilizers; our lawn service teams are comprised of highly trained, industry-certified professionals. Contact a representative today for Pink Snow Mold control options available in your area and to learn how you can enjoy a lush, thicker lawn that only Scotts LawnService can deliver.