Turfgrass – Perennial Ryegrass

(Lolium perenne)

Perennial Ryegrass is a competitive, cool season grass that is well adapted to moderate temperature. Perrennial Ryegrass is known for its rapid germination and establishment, tolerance to traffic, resistance to insects and stress. Because of this, it is often mixed with Kentucky bluegrass for use in lawns for homes, schools and parks. This turfgrass can be found in lawns throughout North America, although it is less common in Florida, Texas and other southern parts of the United States.

Identifying Perennial Ryegrass -

Perennial ryegrass features leaves that are folded in the bud and membranous ligules that are medium-tall and toothed near the tip. The collar is narrow and the auricles are short, not clasping the stem. The sheaths are reddish below ground and smooth.

Perennial ryegrass leaf blades can be anywhere from 1/8 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch wide. They are prominently veined above and very shiny and smooth beneath.

The seedhead forms a long, narrow spike with spikelets that are flattened and without awns.

Common Lawn Problems with Perennial Ryegrass -

  • Poor tolerance of cold temperatures
  • Does not withstand hot, dry weather
  • Often lost to winterkill in northern areas of the United States
Turfgrass - Perennial Ryegrass

Characteristics of Perennial Ryegrass

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