Broadleaf Weed – Oxeye Daisy

(Leucanthemum vulgare)

Oxeye Daisy – also known as Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, White Daisy, Whiteweed, Field Daisy, Marguerite, and Poorland Flower – is a perennial broadleaf weed. Thriving in degraded areas as well as high fertility soils and turfs, Leucanthemum vulgare can be found in meadows, pastures, waste areas, nurseries, and along roadsides. Oxeye Daisy thrives throughout much of North America.

Identifying Oxeye Daisy -

Oxeye Daisy is a clump-forming perennial featuring vertically growing stems that emerge from a rosette of leaves and terminate in attractive, daisy-like flowers. Its stems are smooth and mostly un-branched and all of its leaves are hairless, smooth.

Oxeye Daisyleaf shape varies with its location on the weed and the plant’s age. When growing in turfgrass, the rosettes consist of mostly thick, leathery, basal-type leaves.

Oxeye Daisy Control -

Oxeye Daisy frequently shows up in lawns and turfgrass and can be difficult and time consuming to remove relying only on cultural weed control methods. Good lawn mowing practices can remove the stem and flowerhead, but often leave the rosette and roots intact, requiring tedious hand pulling.

Oxeye Daisy

Scotts LawnService recommends selective systemic weed control program to fight Oxeye Daisy in your lawn and landscaping, combined with a systemic weed control program which ensures the herbicide is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all. 

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