Lawn Insect - Oriental Beetle

(Exomala orientalis)

Once a native of Asia, the Oriental Beetle, also known as Exomala orientalis, is now a common pest in many different turfgrasses throughout parts of the northeastern United States. Most of the damage these grubs cause occurs during the autumn months.

Identifying Oriental Beetle -

In its adult form, Oriental Beetle is a spiny-legged, broadly rounded beetle. It features a gold- to straw-colored body with black markings on the thorax and wing covers that greatly vary in pattern. The head is usually a solid dark brown and the wing covers have distinct longitudinal grooves.

Oriental Beetle grubs have two short rows of parallel, inward-pointing hairs. The raster pattern resembles that of May/June Beetle; however, the Oriental Beetle grub has a transverse slit on the backside, which is a key identifying feature.

Both the adults and the grubs will feed on sugarcane but only the grubs will cause damage to turfgrass. This pest can be a problem anywhere that sugarcane is grown and especially along the coastal regions of the United States.

Oriental Beetle Control -

For control of the Oriental Beetle larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

Lawn Insect - Oriental Beetle

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