Grassy Weed – Orchardgrass

(Dactylis glomerata)

Orchardgrass – also referred to as Cocksfoot or Cock’s Foot – is a perennial grassy weed. Dactylis glomerata is typically found growing in lawns, fields, waste areas, and along the edges of roadsides, fence rows, forests and wooded thickets. Orchardgrass is commonly found in much of North America.       

Identifying Orchardgrass -

Orchardgrass can be identified as a bluish-green, clump forming perennial. Its ligule is very tall, sometimes jagged across the top, and its collar is broad and prominent. Orchardgrass sheaths are strongly compressed and flattened, usually green in color above and white below. The blades are long and pointed with a “V-Shaped” appearance in the cross section. Its seedhead is a stiff-branched panicle that occurs from late spring through mid summer.

Orchardgrass Control -

Orchardgrass is a grassy weed that can tolerate close mowing (although it can grow 15-18 inches tall when undisturbed). Controlling this weed depends largely on the area in which is it growing.


Scotts LawnService recommends cultural weed control practices to reduce Orchardgrass in your lawn and landscaping. This is due to the limited number of selective weed control product options to kill this weed. However, this weed can be controlled with non-selective weed controls such as Round-Up®, which will kill this weed and surrounding turfgrass.  Re-seeding may be necessary to repair treated areas where Round-Up is used.

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