Lawn Insect – May/June Beetle

(Scleranthus annuus)

May/June Beetle, also known as Phyllophaga spp., is a relatively large lawn insect that can be found in many different kinds of turfgrasses throughout all parts of North America. The May/June Beetle has a two year life cycle.

Identifying May/June Beetle -

In its adult form, May/June Beetle is medium to large sized and brownish-red in color. These beetles may, or may not, be covered in hairs. May/June Beetle grubs have a V- or Y-shaped anal slit and two parallel rows of hairs on the raster. This is the key identifying feature distinguishing May/June Beetle grubs from other white grubs. The raster pattern closely resembles that of European Chafer; however, the two rows do not diverge from one another. Compared to other white grubs, May/June Beetle larvae are also much larger.

Damage from May/June Beetle includes gradual thinning, yellowing and wilting of the turf. Scattered, irregular or dead patches can also occur. Affected areas of turf can easily be pulled up by hand. Additionally, animals that feed on May/June Beetle grubs can also cause damage to the turfgrass when searching for food.

Lawn Insect May/June Beetle

May/June Beetle Control -

For control of the May/June Beetle larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

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