Introduction to Turf Damaging Lawn Insects

Lawn Insects

The group of lawn damaging pests, that includes insects and mites, are fascinating for its diversity and number of species. More than one million different species of these pests inhabit the world.

However, there are only about 50 species that are considered turf-damaging. In a turfgrass environment, you may also find many types of insects, spiders or mites that do not cause damage to your lawn.

A Scotts LawnService professional can help you recognize the signs if one of these turf damaging pest species is present in your lawn.

Lawn Insect Biology -

Mouthparts - Turf-damaging insects and mites have different types of mouthparts; some are piercing/sucking and some are chewing. By examining the damage to the turfgrass plant, you can determine the type of mouthpart of the pest that caused it. Damage from sucking pests will often resemble drought stress. Turf will appear wilted and in need of moisture. Chewing pest activity removes leaf and root tissue. This type of damage is more easily seen and diagnosed.

Life Cycles - All turf-damaging insects and mites begin life as an egg. How they get from egg to adult is very different, depending on the species of pests. They undergo metamorphosis as they grow and develop. Metamorphosis means to “change in form.” While there are four major types of metamorphosis, two of these, complete and incomplete, are the most common types exhibited by lawn pests that are known to be turf damaging.

Being able to accurately recognize these signs can take years of training. Our lawn care professional can quickly determine the species of turf damaging pests present in your lawn based on these biological indicators, as well as specific damage done to various parts of your lawn.

Lawn Insect Control -

It's best to kill insects, grubs and other pests before they have a chance to cause damage to your lawn. Scotts LawnService recommends Scotts® GrubEx® and Ortho® Max™ Pro insect control for this purpose. Scotts GrubEx® provides guaranteed season long grub control and eliminates grubs in one application. Ortho insect control products eliminate destructive, bothersome insects without disturbing the earthworms that are beneficial to your lawn's health.

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