Lawn Care for the North Central Region – Scotts LawnService

When it comes to your lawn care, knowledge counts. And nobody is more knowledgeable about lawn care than the professionals at Scotts LawnService:

  • Knowledge of Lawn Care – All Scotts LawnService technicians are taught everything there is to know about lawn care at the Scotts Training Institute®, headquartered at the world's largest turfgrass research facility in Marysville, Ohio.
  • Knowledge of Your Climate and Geography – Climate and geography will often dictate which kinds of weeds, diseases and turf damaging insects might threaten a lawn. The Scotts LawnService technicians in your area are trained with a focus on the specific turfgrasses, insects, diseases and other conditions unique to the north central region.
  • Access to Professional Grade Lawn Care Products – Coupled with a complete knowledge of your lawn, our technicians have access to premium quality fertilizers, grass seeds, insect and weed control products.

Did you know that excessive spring fertilization can reduce carbohydrate reserves and root development by stimulating rapid shoot growth? Shoot growth takes priority over roots for carbohydrate utilization.

Contact a representative today to learn how you can enjoy a lush, thicker lawn that only Scotts LawnService can deliver.

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