Turfgrass – Kentucky Bluegrass

(Poa pratensis)

Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season turfgrass that is originally native to Europe. It is a perennial, sod-forming grass, making it an ideal choice for lawns. It has excellent recuperative and reproductive capabilities and also a greater tolerance to colder temperatures than some other cool season turfgrasses. Kentucky bluegrass can be found in lawns throughout most of North America, although it is less common in warmer climates along the Gulf Coast.

Identifying Kentucky Bluegrass -

Kentucky Bluegrass features leaves that are folded in the bud and very short, membranous ligules. It has an abrupt, narrow collar and the auricles are absent. The sheaths are compressed and smooth and the blades are long and less than 1/8 inch wide. Both the sheaths and the blades are dark green in color.

A key identification feature is the edges of the leaf blades, which form into a “boat-shaped” tip.

The seedhead an open, pyramid-shaped panicle with flattened spikelets containing 3 to 5 seeds. Kentucky bluegrass spreads and reproduces by rhizome.

Common Lawn Problems with Kentucky Bluegrass -

  • Poorly adapted to shade
  • Older varieties are very susceptible to the fungal disease leaf spot
Turfgrass - Kentucky Bluegrass

Characteristics of Kentucky Bluegrass

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