Lawn Insects - Japanese Beetle

(Popilla japonica)

Japanese Beetle also known as Popillia japonica is a common lawn insect that can be found in different kinds of turfgrasses throughout the eastern United States, as far west as Nebraska.

Identifying Japanese Beetle -

In their adult form the Japanese Beetle, is a metallic green beetle, generally oval-shaped. The wing covers are a coppery-brown color and the abdomen has a unique row of five tufts of white hairs on each side. The larvae are white grubs with a distinct V-shaped series of bristles on the raster.

The adults feed on a wide range of broadleaf plants. The grubs will also feed on a wide variety of plant roots, including ornamental trees and shrubs. Damage from Japanese Beetle includes gradual thinning, yellowing and wilting of the turf. Scattered, irregular or dead patches can also occur. Affected areas of turf can easily be pulled up by hand. Additionally, animals that feed on Japanese Beetle grubs can also cause damage to the turfgrass when searching for food.

Japanese Beetle Control -

For control of the Japanese Beetle larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

Asiatic Garden Beetle

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