Grassy Weed – Hairy Crabgrass

(Digitaria sanguinalis)

Hairy Crabgrass – also referred to as Large Crabgrass – is a summer annual grassy weed. Digitaria sanguinalis commonly occurs in various disturbed habitats and frequently in turfgrasses of all types. Hairy Crabgrass is commonly found in most parts of the continental United States.       

Identifying Hairy Crabgrass -

Hairy Crabgrass can be identified as a tufted to horizontally growing summer annual that roots at the lower nodes. Its ligule is tall, with jagged edges, and its collar is broad and prominent, with long hairs at the edges. Hairy Crabgrass also features sheaths that are compressed and flat, with hairy blades that are sharply pointed.

Hairy Crabgrass germinates when soil temperatures achieve a consistent 55 degrees Fahrenheit and generally dies after the first frost.

Hairy Crabgrass Control -

Hairy Crabgrass is a frequent invader of desirable turfgrasses in lawns, fields and other landscaping. Once established, good lawn mowing practices can help prevent it from spreading further, but selective weed controls can be used for removal.

Hairy Crabgrass

Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent weed control treatments to fight Hairy Crabgrass in your lawn and landscaping.

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