The Purpose of Carbohydrates in Plants

Plant carbohydrates are essential for growth. This is true in all kinds of plant life, including turfgrass. Similar to their role in human growth and development, carbohydrates help create usable energy in turfgrass plants.

All major desired turfgrasses found in home lawns are perennial plants. They can be started from seed or vegetative plant parts such as plugs, sprigs or sod. Once established, turfgrasses need adequate growing conditions to reproduce and survive.

The main function of a grass plant is to use sunlight to make food or carbohydrates. When the leaves produce more carbohydrates than what is needed for growth and reproduction, excess carbohydrates are stored in the plant for later use.

Carbohydrates in turfgrass plants are stored in:

  • The Crown
  • Root System
  • Rhizomes
  • Stolons

When production is insufficient to meet the demands of the plant, the stored carbohydrates are used for continued growth.

The purpose of carbohydrates in plants includes:

  • Plant growth and maintenance
  • Regrowth after mowing
  • Seed head production
  • Protection from stresses like insect, disease and drought
  • Survival during dormancy

Although they can synthesize carbohydrates themselves from water and sunlight, turfgrass plants are not totally self-sufficient. They have additional nutritional requirements that are usually obtained from the soil. However, sometimes these nutrients are not naturally available in sufficient quantities.

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