Keys To A Green Lawn

Whether you want a lush green lawn that is the envy of the entire neighborhood, or you don't want to be "that" house, Scotts LawnService has the solution for you. But growing a perfectly green yard requires patience, expertise and commitment – along with the right lawn care products.

Elements of a Green Lawn

There is more to a picture-perfect lawn than green grass - Much more. In fact, many of the factors that determine how green your grass will appear are actually below the surface:

Maintenance is the Key

Ever wonder why some lawns are green and some aren't? Even if they are the same grass type, in the same climate – or on the same street?

Whether you have Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue or St. Augustine grass, or another type of turfgrass, every lawn has the potential to turn a wonderful shade of green. The key is proper maintenance. And this goes beyond regular mowing and watering.

Proper lawn maintenance to grow a thicker, greener yard includes professional-grade fertilizers, preventing insect damage, and weed control treatments. Depending on your climate and soil type, regular soil core aerations may also be necessary.

Trust the Green Lawn Experts

Knowing exactly what maintenance your lawn requires to grow its greenest isn't easy. In fact, it's a science. Fortunately, the experts at Scotts LawnService have all the experience and knowledge required. Our technicians train at the exclusive Scotts Training Institute® in Marysville, OH - creating greener lawns since 1998.

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