Lawn Insect - Green June Beetle

(Cotinis nitida)

The Green June Beetle, also known as Cotinis nitida is a relatively large beetle affecting many different species of turfgrass. In the United States, it can be found from New York southwest to Texas, and can also be found in parts of California. Most of the damage caused by this grub occurs during September and early October.

Identifying Green June Beetle -

In its adult form, Green June Beetle is velvety green with orange to yellow edges. The underside is shiny, metallic green or gold in color. Green June Beetles are generally larger than Japanese Beetles.

Green June Beetle grubs are larger and more robust than other grub species. They have stubby legs and mouthparts, relative to their overall size. These grubs crawl on their back when moving: a characteristic unique to this species.

Green June Beetle Control -

For control of the Green June Beetle larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

Lawn Insect - Green June Beetle

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