Grassy Weed – Green Foxtail

(Setaria viridis)

Green Foxtail – also commonly known as Green Bristlegrass – is a clump forming annual grassy weed. Setaria viridis is a common weed of croplands, turfgrass areas, nurseries, lawns and landscaping. Green Foxtail can grow in many parts of North America, although it is very common throughout the cooler parts of the United States.

Identifying Green Foxtail -

Green Foxtail can be identified as a bright-green, clump-type annual grassy weed. It features a hairy, narrow collar with slightly compressed sheaths that are hairy along the edges. Its sharply pointed blades are soft, flat and narrow at the base.

Green Foxtailcan also be identified by its seedhead. It forms a soft, nodding bushy spike, and can be anywhere from green to purple in color.

Green Foxtail Control -

A thick, dense turf stand can provide a good defense against Green Foxtail. However, this weed can produce thousands of seeds per year. Cultural weed control practices, including low-height lawn mowing and thorough watering, must be performed with great frequency to remain effective. Professionally applied weed control treatments provide a more practical solution.

Green Foxtail

Existing Green Foxtail can be controlled by a selective post emergent weed controls. To prevent future infestation, Scotts LawnService recommends selective pre-emergent control treatments to fight Green Foxtail in your lawn and landscaping.

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