Grassy Weeds – Identification and Control

Grassy Weeds

A lawn weed is any plant that is not wanted in the lawn, even if it is a grass. Grassy weeds are often difficult to find in a lawn or landscaping environment because they look similar to the desirable turfgrass.

Grassy weeds are a major concern in home lawns because they are in the same family as desirable turfgrasses. The majority of lawn care practices used to encourage good turf growth also improves the growth and development of grassy weeds. Once established in a lawn situation, there are very few herbicides that may be used to control grassy weeds without injury to the desirable grass. A key to managing grassy weeds is identifying them correctly.

Grassy Weed Identification

In order to properly identify a grassy weed, primary parts of the plant must be inspected. These include:

  • Vernation (Rolled or Folded)
  • Ligule
  • Auricle
  • Sheath
  • Collar
  • Blade
  • Rhizomes
  • Stolons
  • Seedhead

Of course, only a trained lawn care professional can help determine which secondary nutrients your lawn is lacking and which kinds of fertilizers are best to deliver these lawn nutrients to your turf.

Other identification features can include appearance, leaf color, height and environment (shade, full sun, wet areas) in the lawn.

Grassy Weed Control

Having a healthy and dense lawn is the first step toward defending against grassy weeds. A healthy thick lawn will provide competition and can help crowd out weeds. A dense lawn will also prevent sunlight from reaching the surface of the soil, inhibiting the weed seeds ability to germinate. Cultural weed control methods, including weed pulling, may make sense when there are few weeds – especially if the weeds are annuals. Perennial weeds are more difficult to hand-pull because a root structure is often left behind that will sprout a new plant. The best cultural control option is to create conditions that favor the growth of turfgrass and discourages weed development.

Of course, in some cases cultural control methods are simply not enough to prevent grassy weeds from invading your lawn and landscaping. In these cases the use of herbicides is the most effective control option. In these cases Scotts LawnService recommends selective systemic weed control treatments to fight grassy weeds in these areas.

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