Getting Rid of Fire Ants in the South Region

Fire ants are small red or black ants, about 1/4 of an inch in length. They build large, hard nests in the ground, sometimes up to 1 to 2 feet high and will forage in the lawn looking for food or new nesting sites.

Different Fire Ant Treatment Methods -

You can use two effective methods to win back your yard from fire ants. One is the “broadcast method” that treats your whole lawn. The other is targeted, “mound treatments.” These treatments are best for getting rid of fire ants when you know where the nests are located.

Broadcast Fire Ant Treatment

Since fire ants forage in your yard for food and new nesting sites, you can lay down a protective layer over your entire lawn to contain them.

Mound Fire Ant Treatment

Attack fire ants' strong point by going after the nests. This type of product is designed to kill the entire colony, so use it wherever you see a nest mound.


Contact a Scotts LawnService representative for help determining which fire ant treatment is best for your lawn. Scotts has highly trained lawn care professionals specializing in lawns in Georgia, Florida, Texas and other parts of the south, where fire ants prefer the warm, dry climate and choose flat, sunny areas to build their colonies.

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