Lawn Insect - Fall Army Worm

(Spodoptera frugiperda)

The Fall Army Worm is a turf damaging lawn insect that can be found in bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass, ryegrasses, and fescues. It can be found throughout much of the United States, east of the Rocky Mountains.

Identifying Fall Army Worm -

In its adult form, the Fall Armyworm is dull-colored, medium-sized moths. The front wings of the males are dark gray, mottled with light and dark markings and feature a white splotch near the tip. The front wings of the females are more uniform.

Mature larvae are segmented caterpillars with distinct stripes: a faint line down the middle of the back and two black lines along the sides. Each segment also has four distinct spots. The larva’s head has a distinct, Y-shaped mark that is inverted and white to yellow in color.

Damage caused by this pest can produce a tattered look of partially chewed grass blades in your lawn. More mature larvae will eat every part of the plant all the way down to the crown, leaving bits of chewed leaves and piles of frass behind in the damaged areas.

Fall Army Worm Lifecycle -

All stages of the Fall Armyworm’s life cycle are present year round within 100 miles of the Gulf Coast. Generally, one generation is completed for those insects that travel north on weather fronts. Three or more generations are completed by insects that remain in the southern parts of the United States. Adults will migrate North throughout the growing season; however, they are not able to overwinter in northern states.

Lawn Insect - Fall Army Worm

Fall Army Worm Control-

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