Lawn Insect – European Chafer

(Rhizotrogus majalis)

The European Chafer is a common lawn insect that can be found in many different kinds of turfgrasses. In the United States, Rhizotrogus majalis can be found throughout many of the upper northeastern states and as far west as Michigan.    

Identifying European Chafer -

In its adult form, the European Chafer larvae are a medium-sized, light reddish-brown beetle with a slightly darker head. Yellow hairs can be found on the pronotum and underneath the thorax, and the wing covers have distinct longitudinal grooves. Larvae have two parallel rows of bristles that diverge laterally below the anus. May or June beetle grubs also have two rows of bristles on their raster, but the two rows do not diverge.

European Chafer Control -

For control of the European Chafer larva in your lawn, see White Grub control.

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European Chafer