Grassy Weed – Doveweed

(Murdannia nudiflora)

Doveweed – also sometimes referred to as Naked Stem Dewflower – is a summer annual grassy weed. Preferring moist areas, Murdannia nudiflora is often found growing in woodlands and turf areas, including lawns and landscaping. Doveweed thrives throughout the southeastern United States.       

Identifying Doveweed -

Doveweed can be identified as a summer annual with fleshy stems, rooting at the nodes. It features narrow lance-shaped leaves that grow in an alternate pattern. Its sheaths are short with soft hairs on the upper edges. It also has a fibrous root system.

Doveweed produces blue to purple colored flowers in somewhat open clusters on short flower stalks.

Doveweed Control -

Its creeping growth habit and preference for moist turfgrass areas make Doveweed a frequent invader of residential lawns. It can be difficult to remove relying only on cultural weed control methods. Professionally applied weed control treatments are the recommended method for complete removal.


Selective post-emergent weed control treatments are recommended to fight Doveweed in your lawn and landscaping. A systemic weed control program ensures that the control product is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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