Lawn Disease – Dollar Spot

(Sclerotinia homoeocarpa)

Dollar Spot is a common lawn disease that, as the name suggests, results in unsightly, silver dollar sized patches in your lawn. Dollar Spot typically affects all warm and cool season lawns in the United States. Infections are most common during the summer months in northern states and during the spring and fall in the southern states.      

Identifying Dollar Spot -

Dollar Spot can be identified by sunken, circular patches in your lawn that can be several inches in diameter. These patches turn from brown to straw-white in color. Infected blades of turfgrass may display small lesions that are bands across the leaf blade that turn from yellow-green to straw color with a reddish border.

The lesions on the turfgrass blades may resemble an “hour-glass” shape. Additionally, web-like mycelia may be present in the early morning.

Conditions for Dollar Spot Infection-

Dollar Spot can only lead to an infection in your lawn if all of the following conditions are present:

1. Pathogen – Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa)

2. Host – All species of turfgrass (both warm and cool season)

3. Environment – High humidity climates with temperatures ranging from 59-60 degrees Fahrenheit and dry, low nitrogen soils

Dollar Spot Control -

Cultural disease control practices create favorable conditions for a healthy lawn, and often create unfavorable conditions for the growth of Dollar Spot. Environmental conditions cannot be changed, but cultural practices performed by the homeowner can be modified to lessen the chance of extensive damage from Dollar Spot. Scotts LawnService can help determine a plan for preventing and controlling Dollar Spot in your lawn.

For Dollar Spot control and treatment, Scotts recommends the following cultural control tips:

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