Grassy Weed – Cylindric Sedge

(Cyperus retrorsus)

Cylindric Sedge – also sometimes referred to as Pinebarren Flatsedge – is a perennial grassy weed. Cyperus retrorsus commonly occurs in turf and most other sandy habitats, ranging from moist to very dry. Cylindric Sedge thrives throughout much of the southeastern and parts of the western United States.       

Identifying Cylindric Sedge -

Cylindric Sedge can be identified as a grass-like perennial with densely tufted stems. It features flat, smooth blades that are bright green in color. Its seedhead branches at the top of the stem and includes tight cylindrical clusters of seeds which usually point down.

Cylindric Sedge produces seeds from summer into fall. It may produce rhizomes, although it most commonly reproduces by seed.

Cylindric Sedge Control -

Cultural control methods, such as mowing and physical removal (weed pulling) are typically not effective methods for removing Cylindric Sedge from your lawn or landscaping. Professionally applied weed control treatments are recommended for complete removal.

Cyclindric Sedge

Selective post-emergent weed control treatments are recommended to fight Cylindric Sedge in your lawn and landscaping. A systemic weed control program ensures that the control product is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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