Benefits of a Great Lawn – Curb Appeal and Home Value

When buyers are shopping around neighborhoods looking for a new home, curb appeal is what gets them out of their cars and in the front door. And a beautiful lawn is as much a part of having good curb appeal as fancy French windows or a fresh coat of paint.

Lawns provide the ideal background for the most pleasing landscaping possible. They make and complete an inviting setting, providing instant curb appeal and creating a dramatic increase in home value. Grassed areas provide visual coherence by pulling together and organizing all of the landscaping components. The first thing people see when approaching a property is the yard, so it gives that important first impression and can convey hospitality and warmth.

The green of lawns is naturally soothing to the eye. In fact, the color Green also affects people’s mood and has been linked with a calm, peaceful and serene influence. Lawns are generally a major part of most home landscaping designs and a well landscaped property can increase home value by 10% to 15%.

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