Turfgrass – Creeping Bentgrass

(Agrostis palustris)

Creeping Bentgrass is a high-maintenance, cool season turfgrass that produces a shallow, dense, and fibrous annual root system. A low-growing turfgrass with excellent tolerance of low mowing heights and cold temperatures, creeping bentgrass is primarily used for golf courses, tennis courts and other specialty applications. When properly maintained, Creeping Bentgrass can survive in most parts of the United States.

Identifying Creeping Bentgrass -

Creeping Bentgrass features leaves that are rolled into the bud and membranous ligules that are tall and rounded. The collar are narrow and there are no auricles with this turfgrass.

The seedhead is a panicle that is generally compressed with small, elliptical spikelets.

The seedheads are slender spikes with spikelets that are broad at the base and taper to a rounded tip.

Common Lawn Problems with Creeping Bentgrass -

  • Not well adapted to lawn use
  • Specialized equipment and skill needed to maintain at quality level
  • Low tolerance to high traffic
  • Poor tolerance to compacted soils
Turfgrass - Creeping Bentgrass

Characteristics of Creeping Bentgrass

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