Broadleaf Weed – Creeping Beggarweed

(Desmodium canum)

Sometimes referred to simply as “beggarweed,” Creeping Beggarweed is a broadleaf perennial weed that can be commonly found in the Southern United States. This weed features a large taproot with many long, extensively branched stolons rooting at the nodes. This causes the “creeping” characteristic. Creeping Beggarweed can be found in open turfgrass, and has the ability to grow in disturbed areas, and can also become woody as the plant matures.

Identifying Creeping Beggarweed -

The leaflets on Creeping Beggarweed are elliptical in shape, pointed at the tip and rounded at the base, hairy, and are quite variable in size. The stems are also hairy, and ascend vertically. Creeping Beggarweed also features flowers that are reddish pink in color. Reproduction is by seed, stolons and broken taproots.

Creeping Beggarweed Control -

Creeping Beggarweed can be a rather difficult weed to control using cultural methods, largely due to the fact that the large taproot makes hand-pulling difficult. The weed’s seedpods are easily disrupted and successful hand-pulling can result in spreading them in your lawn. Additionally, the weed can survive routine, close mowing.

Creeping Beggarweed

Scotts LawnService recommends uses a selective systemic weed control program to fight Creeping Beggarweed in your lawn and landscaping, which ensures the herbicide is moved throughout the weed, killing it completely root and all.

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