Crane Fly and Crane Fly Larvae Control in the Northwest Region

The Crane Fly is a turf damaging insect that can cause damage in all species of cool season turfgrass, typically affecting lawns in Portland, Oregon, parts of Washington and other parts of the Northwest.

Identifying the Crane Fly Larva-


The Crane Fly larva is small and wormlike, ranging in color from olive-gray to greenish-brown. It also has a black-pointed head that withdraws into the front part of the body when disturbed.

Crane Fly Larva Damage -

Damage occurs in the spring, when larvae are feeding on roots and grass blades. The damage results in:

  • areas of sparse turf
  • missing foliage on grass blades
  • general bare areas in lawns and landscaping

Closer inspection of these areas in your lawn may reveal large numbers of Crane Fly larvae just under the surface of the soil.

Crane Fly Larvae Control -

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