Broadleaf Weed – Corn Speedwell

(Veronica arvensis)

Also referred to as Rock Speedwell and Wall Speedwell, Corn Speedwell is a winter annual weed that can be found in rocky glades, fields and grassy areas, along roads, and in barren waste areas. However, disturbed areas are preferred, including lawns and gardens. Veronica arvensis thrives throughout most of the United States.

Identifying Corn Speedwell -

Corn Speedwell can be identified by ascending, branched stems radiating from the base of the plant. Its lower leaves, growing opposite, are hairy with rounded teeth on the leaf margin. The upper leaves, growing alternate, are much smaller than lower leaves and have fewer teeth. Corn Speedwell has a fibrous, shallow root system.

In bloom, Corn Speedwell features small, pale blue to white colored flowers that can be found in the leaf axis. Corn Speedwell reproduces by distinctively heart-shaped seeds.

Corn Speedwell Control -

Corn Speedwell cannot thrive in a thick, dense turf, so cultural practices and good turf management can be effective measures to keep this pest at bay.

Corn Speedwell

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